Officer Positions Explained!

Hello Lending Hearts’ members!

Are you interested in applying for an officer position next year? Then keep on reading for more info!

We wanted to share a little more about what each officer position entails. Though each position is hard work, it’s very rewarding. Remember, this is not an all-encompassing list of duties, you have the opportunity to make it what you will.

Below are the officer descriptions:

President: As president of Lending Hearts, my job is to oversee everything as a whole and make sure this organization is running smoothly. This includes organizing both officer and general meetings, delegating tasks to each officer, registering Lending Hearts for orientation events as well as other tabling opportunities, and maintaining records of all important organizational paperwork. In addition, you will be in charge of contacting and meeting with non-profit organizations for partnerships, donations and etc. Although this position may seem overwhelming, you will always have guidance and help available to you from your co-president  as well as the founders of Lending Hearts. Also, don’t forget that you have seven other officers behind you who are more than willing to help see that this organization flourishes. I promise you that this position will pay off as it will not only improve your leadership and communication skills but you can see first handedly, the impact that this organization has on the UT and Austin community.

-Megan Santos 

Vice President: The position of Vice President it to keep track of LH member’s activity. The position of Vice President, like all other officer positions, does require a time commitment in order to successfully manage and lead this organization.

Vice President responsibilities include:

  • managing service/fundraising/social hours
  • GM attendance
  • membership dues
  • organizing officer elections
  • organizing an officer retreat

As vice president, you will be in close contact with the current president and will resume their role if the president is absent. This position will improve your leadership skills and give you an insight/experience on what it takes to run an up and coming organization.

 -Jacob Bobb

Secretary: As secretary, my duties may seem very overwhelming. Once you get the hang of the it, the tasks won’t be difficult at all. When you get the job, it may feel like a technological position, but you get to reach out to all of our members. You’re almost like a personal assistant to the organization.

Tasks include

  • Sending out overview and reminder emails to members, ‘
  • Creating sign-ups for the service, fundraising, and social events
  • Linking the sign-ups to the website and updating the website with the events
  • Working with the UTListserve

These are not the only duties that I perform, as being a team player allows me to help others where they may need it. There is always room for improvements and changes that may bring more growth to Lending Hearts.

-Marta Morataya

Treasurer: Be the next treasurer for Lending Hearts; just as long as you make sure you have good attention to detail and time management skills. The roles of being a treasurer can vary from managing fundraising events, such as setting up profit shares with food chains around our vicinity to setting up ushering events for our members to volunteer for. Money management is definitely a given. Weekly deposits, updates, as well as keeping logs of incoming and outgoing revenue for the account balances should be made. Granted, while it does sound like a handful, it’s all worth it.

-Brian Huang

Co-service Chairs: As a service chair of the growing organization that is Lending Hearts, one has to network within the Austin community.  Lending Hearts in turn will gain opportunities to help out the community. You must take into account, however, the busy lives that all us UT students maintain, and seek service events that are likely to be convenient for the most amount of members.  In addition to making this happen, you must also keep in contact with coordinators of events, organizing rides, and sorting out all information in a detailed fashion to members.  Every other week, you will present your ideas to fellow officers, and make it happen from then until the day of the event.

-Kristal Hodge

As Co-Service Chair you help play a big role in the organization, because you schedule and plan all the service events. It’s important to have a good sense of time management and be organized, since there are different service opportunities and details to stay on top of. It’s very rewarding, because after searching and planning the event it is always nice to see the members go out and enjoy themselves. Don’t forget for yourself too! At the end of the day with service comes companionship, so have fun and know that between you and your fellow co-service chair, you’ll do great!

-Amalie Lantz

Social Chair: As a social officer, your duty is to create enjoyable socials for the members and create officer socials as well to allow bonding between members and officers. The Social Chair should also try to be outgoing and keep an eye out for everyone to be included in activities! General meeting icebreakers and the banquet is planned by the Social Chair as well. Responsibility, punctuality, and great bonding ideas are great qualities that aide in being a great social chair. If you have fun ideas and like to interact with people then Social Chair is a great position to consider!

-Jamie Balli

Public Relations Chair: 

The PR Chair is responsible for creating:

  • Marketing materials for Lending Hearts (Tabling, fundraising and promotional fliers, images, posters, labels, signs etc.)
  • PowerPoint presentations for the general meetings

The PR Chair is also responsible for maintaining Lending Hearts’:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Website (WordPress)

The PR Chair has to be a strong communicator that can work well with others and take direction well. There is a lot of room for creativity and the opportunity to take initiative. Take advantage of this position to outreach to other organizations and nonprofits (UT/Austin Community) to spread the word about Lending Hearts. Have fun with it.

-Alejandro Landaverde

Post Second Meeting!!

We hope everyone had an amazing Valentines Day weekend, and an even better coming week (especially if you have exams coming up!!!).

Lending Hearts wants to thank everyone who showed up to our second meeting last week. In case you missed it we presented some new and exciting events. Some of those events are:

  • UIL Ushering                                            sign up closes February 22nd
  • Food Recovery Help                                sign up closes February 24th
  • Zilker Kite Festival                                   sign up closes February 22nd
  • Texas Ramp Project                                sign up closes March 1st
  • Warrior Dash                                           sign up closes March 15th

For more information click here, it will take you to our sign ups page. Also please consider and look into Warrior Dash, it is a fundraising event that will help us raise more money for the non-profit organization that we will donate to this semester

Which brings up the next topic! Make sure to come out to our Third Meeting on February 24th, we will be voting on the non-profit organization that we will be fundraising for the semester. Don’t miss the opportunity to be able to vote and select the one YOU want!

Signing Up for Events

We have received numerous emails stating that members could not register for events due to some Google Docs error. We are aware of that and are currently trying to fix it!!!
In the mean time if you are wanting to sign up for an even email either the LH President or the LH Service Chair (link to officers email) with the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Event Name
  • Phone Number
  • Need a ride or are willing to give a ride

With that information we will add you to the list. 
We are sorry for the trouble and will get this sorted out as soon as possible. 

Post Second Meeting!

We want to thank everyone who came out for our second meeting this past Monday! It was nice hearing everyone sing maybe one day we can have a karaoke social :) 

In case you missed the meeting we presented a ton of new volunteer events which can be found here. These are just a few events that we have for ya’ll:

Austin Anderson Community       Date:  Saturday, Sept. 28th      Time: 7:30 to 10AM

2013 Tx. Tribune Festival               Date: Fri-Sun, Sept. 27-29th   Time: TBD     

CAFB’s St. John Food Dist.           Date: Wednesday, Oct. 2nd     Time: 8AM-12PM

 Marathon Kids                                 Date: Saturday, Oct. 5th          Time:9AM-1PM                                                                                                         Deadline to sign up, Friday

Austin Animal Center                     Date: Saturday, Oct. 12th        Time: 8AM-11AM 

and plenty more!!!

You should have also received an email with a full list of events that were mentioned, if you did not receive an email please email one of the officers so you can be added to our email list. 


Our next meeting will be October 7th which will be VERY important so make sure you come! In this meeting we will be voting on the foundation that we will be raising for the semester and also membership fee is due!!


Second General Meeting Fall 2013!

Hello Lending Heart’s Members!!

We hope everyone has had an amazing weekend. Don’t forget that tomorrow (Monday Sept 23th) we will be having out 2nd General Meeting at 7pm in WEL 2.308 and you will be able to pay for your membership which is 20$/year or 15$/semester. 


We will be announcing a bunch of new volunteer events so you don’t want to miss out!

See you tomorrow!